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This is Happening

Yes this is fricking happening!  LCD released their/his newest album This is Happening!

LCD Soundsystem AKA Mr. DFA Better Known As James Murphy

I put this cd in my computer and was bummed for like 10 seconds because I was confused.  “I remember liking LCD Soundsystem.  I remember it being dance-y music.”  By the way, yes,  I am saying this aloud to myself.  I heard this guy semi-mumbling repetitively.  Yeah, it’s alright but is it LCD Soundsystem?  I mean—I LOVED Sound of Silver. Ok…ok….yeah, …it is starting to get better.  And then the 3 minute mark comes up and the music just breaks out into hip swaying music that I was wanting.  Yes, yes, yes!  THIS is what I remember.  The funky, fun, witty, punk-ish guy that has the fantastic ability to create a cohesive, well mixed and produced album.

The lyrics on this album prove to be as witty as ever.  And the music has that 80’s dance-y feel that everyone knows and loves.  James Murphy is THE Man.  The man behind LCD System and one of the two men behind one of my favorite record labels ever, DFA.  Hot damn, I love him.  This album is perfectly great mixing in lovely ballads in between bumping, fun music.  Why mess with a mixture that was already perfected last album?  I enjoy that Murphy didn’t stray too far from his previous album; I’m not ready for too much change yet—it is just THAT good!  So bump in your car stereo or play it on your gorgeous record player.  Either way, it is pretty much guaranteed happiness.

Ok–so you probably want SOME lyrics from the album to understand its awesome-ness.

This is from the first track:  “Dance Yrself Clean”

Dance Yrself Clean

Talking like a jerk
Except you are an actual jerk
And living proof that sometimes friends are mean

So go and dance yourself clean ..ooow
Go and dance yourself clean yeah

You’re throwing marks into pieces
Baby, they’re arguments, the pieces

It’s your show (x4)

Work a little bit ……?
Every night’s a different story
It’s a thirty car pile-up with you
Everybody’s getting younger
It’s the end of an era, it’s true

And you go

(Stop, stop, stop, stop)

Make me into bigger pieces
So pieces of me are home with you
Wait until the weekendAnd we can make our dreams come true

That is just some of the lyrics to the song.

Now listen to hear it!  

And then there is the next track, “Drunk Girls” and it is SO funny and witty.  Look at the lyrics!

Drunk girls (x4)

Drunk girls cause a couple of heart attacks

Drunk girls are unusually mild

(Drunk boys)

Drunk boys keep in pace with the pedophiles

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls are boringly wild

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls are like a night of simplicity

(Drunk girls)

They need a lover who is smarter than me

(Drunk boys)

Drunk boys, we walk like pedestrians

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls wait an hour to pee

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause I’m shallow doesn’t mean that I’m heartless

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause I’m heartless doesn’t mean that I’m mean

(Drunk boys)

Sometimes love gives us too many options

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause you’re hungry doesn’t mean that you’re lean

**Now watch the music video!  

How can you NOT love that?  And that is just the beginning.  That is just the first two tracks.  This CD is a MUST listen!

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Jessica Cornish AKA Jessie J.

Jessie J (taken from her Facebook)

This girl is disgustingly good.  Of course she is from…England.  As of now, she is in L.A. working on stuff for her first full length album (Universal–US, Island–UK).  On Facebook a couple days ago, she was talking about how it was her first day collaborating with Justin Timberlake.  For a while she was a rad singer with a great following, that had management and a publisher but no record label.  But finally, things have come together.  I mean, this girl is only 22 years old and is fabulous.

Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J (photos taken from her Facebook)

Although you might not have seen her face, you’ve definitely heard her music.  She wrote “Party in the USA” for Miley Cyrus, “In Love” which Mary J. Blige sings, “Love Sex Magic” for Ciara, and songs for Madonna, Rihanna, and many more.  She also sang “LoveStoned” with Justin Timberlake.  It seems that she is his next star since many of the singers listed above have worked with JT.  Hopefully, now he will make her a star rather than her making other people bigger.  🙂

**photos above and below taken from :

So, hopefully soon, people will be able to purchase her music.

But for now, all we got are these YouTube videos.  And let me tell you, with just a recording coming out of the speakers of her laptop and her vocal chords–the music is already AMAZING.

Check it–

“Big White Room”

“Mama Knows Best”

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I want to go to Australia

Look at that Face! (from

I have always had this dream of visiting Australia and New Zealand.  There is such beauty there…and I flippin’ lot of deadly creatures.  Let’s put the scary snakes, critters, and jungle-ness aside.  I love the idea of hiking and snorkeling and being in nature while still having the chance to visit awesome cities.  I feel like Australia/New Zealand has got it all.  Now I just need the money to travel over there!

When I think of musicians that have come out this part of the world I come up blank.  A few months ago I was driving to a doctor’s appointment when I heard (what I thought was a Brit voice) Daniel Merriweather on the radio.  Thank you Shazam!!!  You always pull through in a pinch.

Merriweather was born in Sydney, Australia.  So my stupid ass thought that his soulful voice was British when in fact it is Australian.  Doh!  He first got attention from doing a few successful collaborations with Mark Ronson.  This led to him going out on his own and putting together, Love and War, his first solo album.  He has toured with some great artists such as Justin Timberlake, Mark Ronson, Kanye West, Corinne Bailey Rae, and my personal favorite, Biz Markie.

According to Merriweather himself, his music is influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, and Jeff Buckley.  His music is often linked to the word R n B and soul…and for the most part I agree.  When I say R&B I am talking old school R&B–think 1960’s not Mary J. Blige.    Think retro soul.  If you are looking for the male version of Adele and Amy Winehouse look no further; I’ve found your man.  A super chilled out, less funky Jamie Lidell (think earrrrrlier Multiply not Compass)–this is it.

Oh–I forgot to give my personal opinion.  I dig the album.  It is an easy listen.  Great for relaxation and doing homework.  The only glitch I see is that it needs maybe a little more “umph”.  Every so often I feel a lull.  With that being said, I love a good soulful boy’s voice to get my heart all giddy.

Daniel Merriweather ft. Wale “Change”

Daniel Merriweather “Red”

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Sea of Cowards

Album: Sea of Cowards

by The Dead Weather.  Another great album.  Don’t believe all the random bullshit on the world wide web people.

So have you ever wondered how Jack White was able to conjure up this band?  So from what I understand, when Raconteurs was touring in 2008, White‘s voice wasn’t able to do all the fun tricks and screams as usual.  Touring with The Raconteurs at this time was The Kills.  Due to his voice being all messed up, White asked Kills singer Alison Mosshart to perform many of his songs.  The chemistry onstage was awesome.  This led to Raconteur bassist “Little Jack” Lawrence, White (on drums for the first time in a long time), Mosshart, and White’s house guest Queen of the Stone Age’s guitarist, Dean Fertita to jam together and record a cover of “Are Friends Electric” by Gary Numan in White‘s house.  The rest is fucking history.

The Dead Weather

So let’s get back to Sea of Cowards.  Some people are blogging away that this album is the scraps left on the floor from their last album, or that White and Mosshart sound like two fighting cats in heat.  I call bullshit and refuse to agree.  Yes, this album is a bit messier but I think it an organized mess of goodness.  In fact, I find it more cohesive.  I think each member is finding their place in the band.  I like the discord and ampy fuzziness in the background.  I fucking love the organ.  I also am happy with Mosshart and White splitting the role of lead vocals.  Furthermore, when they sing together (although it can be hard to tell who is who–hahah) they mix really well vocally.  It is an album that  kicks your ass yet somehow gets you back on your feet to take the next punch.  Yep, it’s good and hard, heavy, rock album.  Lick it up.

I LOVE this track from the album:  “The Difference Between Us

Another good one:  “Blue Blood Blues

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Well Wishes for Bono

U2 had to cancel their performance at Glastonbury and reschedule shows in North America due to Bono needing emergency back surgery!  Woa.  He  is suffering from “severe compression of the sciatic nerve” and a “serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc” that was causing “partial paralysis” in his leg (according to the band’s website).  Unfortunately, he will need 8 weeks to recover.

Luckily, the surgery went well.  Dates are going to be moved to 2011.  Think positive thoughts.  Paralysis is no joke.

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Janelle Monae’s ArchAndroid

Janelle Monae--she is truly beautiful.

Janelle Monae--she is truly beautiful.

Have you heard her name yet?  No?  Well it is one that is gonna get bigger in time.  The first time I heard of Janelle Monae was roughly two years back when I received her album, Metropolis, in the mail.  It sparked my attention but I felt confused.  Honestly, I couldn’t figure out what genre she belonged in.  The songs didn’t make total sense to me and to my own fault, I didn’t take much time to learn about her.  Yet, I could hear the talent in her voice.  I couldn’t seem to figure out what was missing from that first record…  But now?  The woman is good to go. Going back to the first album–it isn’t as good as this new one but definitely better than what I gave it credit for.  Who should you we  thank for all this awesomeness?  Mr. Sean “Diddy” Combs.  Whoda thunk it?  Not me.  I thought his career was coming to a halt.  Diddy gave her full freedom to explore her voice and musical talent—allowing this beautiful masterpiece of talent to come out.  It is fucking fabulous.  I don’t have the words to explain.  She is a force to be reckoned with.

When Janelle Monae signed to Bad Boy, she was unveiled to a specific audience.  When introduced, Diddy said:  “This is possibly the most important signing of my career,” Combs continued. “I thank God for blessing me with an artist like Janelle Monae. Now, are y’all ready to go to church?”  And so she sang her heart out—taking her audience on an incredibly journey I am sure.

Let’s start with the basics about her:  She is a native of Kansas City, Kansas and was born in 1985.  She left home in order pursue musical theater at AMDA.  In little time she realized that Broadway wasn’t her calling and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she met Outkast’s Big Boi.  She put together what she called a concept album that was to be released in four parts via her website and mp3 websites for download.  However, things changed once she signed to Bad Boy.  Once she signed, some revisions were made to the album and hard copies were released.  She was nominated for a Grammy in ’09 and toured recently with Of Montreal as well as No Doubt.

Back to the album, ArchAndroid. This full-length (and I mean fullllll length) album is considered to be the second and third suite/part of Metropolis.  In this album, her alter-ego, Cindi Mayweather, the protagonist in her last album, becomes a main figure to the android community of Metropolis.

Sounds confusing, right?  It really isn’t.  Monae is using her albums to tell a story that travels across multiple albums.  It is a saga about a futuristic android realizing her super powers and using them to stop discrimination.

Here is a synopsis in her own words—

This album is amazing because she crosses all genres throughout the album without making it lose integrity.  Soul?  Check.  Electronic?  Check.  Hip Hop?  Check.  Indie Rock?  Good to go.  But it isn’t just that.  Her voice is able to morph into each style with such ease while at the same time creating a movie through words.  It is…insane.

When you first listen to this album you might overwhelmed and amazed.  But listen to it again and maybe a couple more times in a row.  Things will start to make sense and everything will be that much more amazing.

“Many Moons” the OFFICIAL short film. (from Metropolis, her first album)


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We are Scientists (taken from their MySpace Page)

That is the title of the new We Are Scientists album out June 14th/15th.  I have a love for this band.  I must admit that I am saddened because they seem to be the band that has almost made it in the college music/indie rock scene but still haven’t.  Which isn’t fair.  They are awesome.  I think they spend more time playing in Europe and Australia more that in the US–which is where the boys are from!  I mean, I guess I understand why they like to be across the pond or whatever that saying is—their albums debuted in the UK wayyyyy better than over here.  And, even though I hate to say it, it makes sense.  Think of how big Franz Ferdinand and The Killers are over there.  Maybe it is just that the Americans need to get on the boat.  We are Scientists and Franz Ferdinand are two awesome bands.

ANYWAY— My boyfriend have gone to see them two or three times and it is always a good time.  There first CD is my favorite–With Love and Squalor.  The sound on that CD was perfect and so much fun.

So now you are going to ask me about how I feel about the new album, Barbara.  My honest feeling?  It could be better.  I am saying this three or four tracks into the album.  At this moment I am listening to ‘Nice Guys‘, which is one of the main singles off the album.  I feel like the music has become a little more generic and…for lack of better words…mainstreamed.  Keith Murray‘s voice used to sound pretty fucking fantastic and now I feel like something is missing.  Maybe it is because the original three members are no longer together.  After the first album, the drummer left and on this album, Razorlight‘s drummer, Andy Burrows, added in.  I guess that could totally change the sound.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some gems in this album and it is worth another listen.  I am a rough critic of music when I listen to it the first time around.  For example, I totally enjoy ‘Break it Up‘.  I think it meshes the new and old sound quite well.

Anyway, pick it up yourself to check it out.  The band really is awesome.

(I’d put up some tracks but I can’t)  Hopefully this video will suffice.  🙂

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Uh Oh

Wow.  So, recently I came to the decision that it might be a cool idea to move my blog to a new URL–still going through WordPress though.  Meaning, I wouldn’t have the .wordpress in my URL.  Sounds fun and I have a good enough following to make the move.  Low and behold, a month has passed.  I told myself I wasn’t going to blog until I found a new home.  Damn.  Never have I lost so many readers.  More importantly, my music loving heart feels lonely due to not pursuing the music scene.

So, I have realized that I will continue here until I find the right URL.  I mean, I miss you guys and I hope, you miss me.

On a side note, do you have any cool ideas for a music blog name other than Pop Secret?  The stupid popcorn stole my dream URL.


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2 New Songs from Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles (taken from their MySpace page)

…and they are quite the opposite!  ‘Celestica’ is pretty chill, calm stuff with a good simple beat.  However, ‘Doe Deer’ could break an ear drum if you aren’t careful.  It has the sound of someone that is about to bust a speaker.  Alice Glass means business.  Whatever you do, don’t get prepared to listen to these tracks by thinking of ‘Crimewave’.  This shit isn’t in the same vein.  Both are pretty awesome.  Although, I think I might have the beginnings of a migraine from listening to ‘Doe Deer’.  What can I say?  I wasn’t prepared for what came out of my speakers.  So if you don’t know, now you know…

‘Doe Deer’


YouTube video of ‘Crimewave’


fuck, i need to update my WordPress Account and pay ’em money in order to upload music.  Please hold.  I will pay tonight once I get home.

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New M.I.A. (LEAK)

M.I.A. on the set of 'Boyz'

My brother got me into M.I.A. a wayyyyyyyyz back.  Arular came out in 2004 and Maya Arulpragasam was all over the music websites and blogs.  As time went by she started getting more attention from the mainstream music audience and became the go-to girl if you wanted something that was going to be a hit.  I mean, did anyone want to hit themselves if they heard ‘Paper Planes‘ one more time?  I loved that song and then it was just ovvvvvverplayed.


Maya Arulpragasam
has been through a lot and been a lot of places.  I mean, she went from England to Sri Lanka to Madra, India within only a few years.  Unfortunately, at the time that she was there, there was a civil war going on within the country and as a result, Arulpragasam lost a few family members–including her father.  Eventually, her and her family were able to make it back to London, England. Her music and art went on to be heavily influenced by the Tamil rebellion.


I just recently found out that M.I.A. is putting out an as-of-yet untitled album on June 29th. Because of the near future release, it was pretty inevitable that something would get leaked— ‘Born Free.’  I really enjoy this new track because it is full of meaning (like ALL M.I.A. songs) but has a different feel to it.  It feels…kinda punk-y.  The drums are pretty heavy and her voice is a little rougher than usual.  As usual, this lady is ahead of the pack and I love it.

Here is an example of how she uses her music to make a statement:

“I don’t wanna live for tomorrow/ I push my luck/ I throw this in your face when I see ya/ Cos I got something to say”

Here is ‘Born Free‘ (it isn’t an actual video…just the song)

And if you are unfamiliar with M.I.A., here are a few other videos…

This is an oldie but a goodie

Bucky Done Gun

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