Posted by: funk. | June 25, 2010


After volunteering and working at kBEACH Radio, it is time to say farewell.  It is sad and yet fitting.  kBEACH helped my passion for music grow through a different outlet.  I learned so much and got into contact with wonderful people/  The radio station is also what led to my blogging.  I would write reviews and spend much of my day at work talking about new music.  Why not take that and translate it into my blog?  So I did.  And now, my outlet for music is through this site.  It is wonderful.

Farewell kBEACH, we had fun.  Onward I go!

Me leading a meeting. Hence the serious face...

Glenn & I doing a remote of CSULB's Womens Volleyball Game. AWESOME!

Friendship Walk. Aaron DJing.

Glenn & Ron - University by the Sea - Downtown Long Beach. A great time.

Pop Secret - Originally, that was the name of my radio show.

The other side of the Pop Secret (radio show) flyer.

Missing it already… 🙂


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