Posted by: funk. | June 17, 2010

Music is Kicking My Ass!

In the last two days I have listened to over 30 cd’s.  And as wonderful as it is, it is also incredibly draining.  I mean, I am reallllllly listening.  Yeah, I push the next button before finishing the track but I listen to every track for a good amount of time.  I have to make sure that I am not only basing things on my taste.  Is this song too slow for our radio station’s style?  Would somebody actually play this track?  Will this be a hit later?  I have to think outside of myself and make sure that I am not pushing my tastes on the entire radio station.  Yet, it would be wrong to say that my tastes are not evident in the overall sound of the radio station.  Because, in the end, the sound is a reflection of me to some extent.

To be honest, within this stack of thirty that I have listened to thus far, about 10 are pretty good albums; maybe 4 or 5 of them are things that I would take home for my own personal collection.  So a good chunk of the music I am listening to somewhat hurts my brain.  Why is this guy so nassally?  Why is that girl singing flat the whole time? Ugh!  Ew! Yuck!  These are the things that are going on in my brain.  And still I push through.  Can you hear the annoyance in my writing tone?  This is because I went through about 6 shit albums in a row.  That will fuck a person up, my friend.

Thus, this is what happens

Sorry for my moping and bitching.

To Come:  Hey Marseilles, Tame Impala, and The Like  🙂


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