Posted by: funk. | June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Les Paul

If Les Paul were still with us, today would be his 95th birthday.  Unfortunately, he passed in August of 2009.  With that being said, there is no reason to not celebrate a man that has helped pave the road to American music today.

Les Paul was an inventor, jazz and country guitarist, and an incredible songwriter.  He is credited with innovating overdubbing, sound delay, and multitrack track recording (which is pretty fucking important).  He was also led the way and pioneered the solid-body guitar (; He built one of the first ones after hours in Epiphone guitar factory and it was called “The Log”).

Paul couldn’t read music.  He helped lovers of music realize that in order to be a musician, in the end, all you need is a good ear for things and passion.  He created a style of his own filled with incredible guitar runs and flutters, country western licks, combined with a solid, chunky rhythm.  He had a sound that was so—“Les Paul”.  He is also known for the numerous recordings he did with his (ex)wife Mary Ford in the 1950’s. Together they created wonderful, timeless music.  Her voice is absolutely stunning; it has such depth and is so full.

Les Paul and Mary Ford.

Honestly, I could go on and on about Les Paul, how he defined American music, what he helped pioneer, and where he came from.  But instead, I’d rather just show you some good music.

Quickly, this is a documentary that is about 10 minutes that might interest you…  Yup, he still had when he got older!

This is so beautiful!  “Vaya con Dios” and “Johnny”

Sorry for the quality.  “Tennessee Waltz” is a favorite song of mine that brings back memories from when I was growing up.  My dad always played the Anne Murray version.  It was a standard in my family.

“How High the Moon”

“World is Waiting for the Sunrise”

As The Edge said, “His legacy as a musician and inventor will live on and his influence on rock and roll will never be forgotten.”


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