Posted by: funk. | May 28, 2010

This is Happening

Yes this is fricking happening!  LCD released their/his newest album This is Happening!

LCD Soundsystem AKA Mr. DFA Better Known As James Murphy

I put this cd in my computer and was bummed for like 10 seconds because I was confused.  “I remember liking LCD Soundsystem.  I remember it being dance-y music.”  By the way, yes,  I am saying this aloud to myself.  I heard this guy semi-mumbling repetitively.  Yeah, it’s alright but is it LCD Soundsystem?  I mean—I LOVED Sound of Silver. Ok…ok….yeah, …it is starting to get better.  And then the 3 minute mark comes up and the music just breaks out into hip swaying music that I was wanting.  Yes, yes, yes!  THIS is what I remember.  The funky, fun, witty, punk-ish guy that has the fantastic ability to create a cohesive, well mixed and produced album.

The lyrics on this album prove to be as witty as ever.  And the music has that 80’s dance-y feel that everyone knows and loves.  James Murphy is THE Man.  The man behind LCD System and one of the two men behind one of my favorite record labels ever, DFA.  Hot damn, I love him.  This album is perfectly great mixing in lovely ballads in between bumping, fun music.  Why mess with a mixture that was already perfected last album?  I enjoy that Murphy didn’t stray too far from his previous album; I’m not ready for too much change yet—it is just THAT good!  So bump in your car stereo or play it on your gorgeous record player.  Either way, it is pretty much guaranteed happiness.

Ok–so you probably want SOME lyrics from the album to understand its awesome-ness.

This is from the first track:  “Dance Yrself Clean”

Dance Yrself Clean

Talking like a jerk
Except you are an actual jerk
And living proof that sometimes friends are mean

So go and dance yourself clean ..ooow
Go and dance yourself clean yeah

You’re throwing marks into pieces
Baby, they’re arguments, the pieces

It’s your show (x4)

Work a little bit ……?
Every night’s a different story
It’s a thirty car pile-up with you
Everybody’s getting younger
It’s the end of an era, it’s true

And you go

(Stop, stop, stop, stop)

Make me into bigger pieces
So pieces of me are home with you
Wait until the weekendAnd we can make our dreams come true

That is just some of the lyrics to the song.

Now listen to hear it!  

And then there is the next track, “Drunk Girls” and it is SO funny and witty.  Look at the lyrics!

Drunk girls (x4)

Drunk girls cause a couple of heart attacks

Drunk girls are unusually mild

(Drunk boys)

Drunk boys keep in pace with the pedophiles

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls are boringly wild

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls are like a night of simplicity

(Drunk girls)

They need a lover who is smarter than me

(Drunk boys)

Drunk boys, we walk like pedestrians

(Drunk girls)

Drunk girls wait an hour to pee

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause I’m shallow doesn’t mean that I’m heartless

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause I’m heartless doesn’t mean that I’m mean

(Drunk boys)

Sometimes love gives us too many options

(Drunk girls)

Just ’cause you’re hungry doesn’t mean that you’re lean

**Now watch the music video!  

How can you NOT love that?  And that is just the beginning.  That is just the first two tracks.  This CD is a MUST listen!


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