Posted by: funk. | May 28, 2010

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob

Have you heard of Glitch Mob?  Don’t worry if you haven’t, you aren’t alone.  There are a few people that understand my music tastes—partly because it is somewhat hectic…especially when it comes to what I like in the electronic category.  It is hard because electronic music is a huge section of what is THE BEST to me and so many people feel like electronic is a crappy genre of music.  Which I feel isn’t fair because it is such a broad term.  I mean, have you even tried to listen to the stuff out there before you make that statement?  Anyway—one of the few people that does understand my likes and dislikes musically is Geo.  Geo is one of the owners of a music promotional company called Terrorbird Media.  I first talked to him on the phone like 4+ years ago.  We would sit on the phone and just trade thoughts on music.  Today I checked my work email—finally, and saw that this band Glitch Mob was sent my way—sent to me by Geo’s company!  I knew that it was gonna be love at first sight.  So as I listened to the album I reconnected with Geo.  We went over recent albums and talked about life.  It was wonderful.

photo by Nolan Rudi

Now, I am sure I have said this before—me liking electronic does not mean I like to go the club and hear that stuff.  Most likely, to me, it is shit.  I have a love for really specific stuff.  In the last year, I felt like I was in a rut.  I couldn’t seem to find the electronic stuff that interested me.  However, in the last few months I can happily say that I am taking back that statement.  The new Caribou, Neon Indian, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and a few more have really made me happy.  I love it!  Now I can add Glitch Mob to the list.

Ok.  SO The Glitch Mob is comprised of four guys (now three)—edIT, Boreta, Kraddy (who left in 2009), and Ooah…all from Los Angeles.  This music is incredibly unique.  There is this mix of heavy hip hop basslines and a one of a kind electronica sound.  They came together due to being loosely affiliated.  Within little time, the four-some decided to create one night of music by tag teaming back to back.  They are known for working together to create remixes but have now finally come out with a full length album.  The reason why I knew I was going to dig it was because a couple of years ago my boyfriend and I really got into edIT’s solo album.  And happily, this album has many similarities.

Here are some tracks from The Glitch Mob’s album Drink the Sea

Animus Vox”

We Swarm

And if you like that, try listening to edIT

edIT (That is not what I expected him to look like!). He is SO talented!

Here is “Straight Heat”  it is an awesome track.  Honestly, the whole album is pretty rad.


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