Posted by: funk. | May 26, 2010

Sea of Cowards

Album: Sea of Cowards

by The Dead Weather.  Another great album.  Don’t believe all the random bullshit on the world wide web people.

So have you ever wondered how Jack White was able to conjure up this band?  So from what I understand, when Raconteurs was touring in 2008, White‘s voice wasn’t able to do all the fun tricks and screams as usual.  Touring with The Raconteurs at this time was The Kills.  Due to his voice being all messed up, White asked Kills singer Alison Mosshart to perform many of his songs.  The chemistry onstage was awesome.  This led to Raconteur bassist “Little Jack” Lawrence, White (on drums for the first time in a long time), Mosshart, and White’s house guest Queen of the Stone Age’s guitarist, Dean Fertita to jam together and record a cover of “Are Friends Electric” by Gary Numan in White‘s house.  The rest is fucking history.

The Dead Weather

So let’s get back to Sea of Cowards.  Some people are blogging away that this album is the scraps left on the floor from their last album, or that White and Mosshart sound like two fighting cats in heat.  I call bullshit and refuse to agree.  Yes, this album is a bit messier but I think it an organized mess of goodness.  In fact, I find it more cohesive.  I think each member is finding their place in the band.  I like the discord and ampy fuzziness in the background.  I fucking love the organ.  I also am happy with Mosshart and White splitting the role of lead vocals.  Furthermore, when they sing together (although it can be hard to tell who is who–hahah) they mix really well vocally.  It is an album that  kicks your ass yet somehow gets you back on your feet to take the next punch.  Yep, it’s good and hard, heavy, rock album.  Lick it up.

I LOVE this track from the album:  “The Difference Between Us

Another good one:  “Blue Blood Blues


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