Posted by: funk. | May 26, 2010

Jessica Cornish AKA Jessie J.

Jessie J (taken from her Facebook)

This girl is disgustingly good.  Of course she is from…England.  As of now, she is in L.A. working on stuff for her first full length album (Universal–US, Island–UK).  On Facebook a couple days ago, she was talking about how it was her first day collaborating with Justin Timberlake.  For a while she was a rad singer with a great following, that had management and a publisher but no record label.  But finally, things have come together.  I mean, this girl is only 22 years old and is fabulous.

Jessica Cornish aka Jessie J (photos taken from her Facebook)

Although you might not have seen her face, you’ve definitely heard her music.  She wrote “Party in the USA” for Miley Cyrus, “In Love” which Mary J. Blige sings, “Love Sex Magic” for Ciara, and songs for Madonna, Rihanna, and many more.  She also sang “LoveStoned” with Justin Timberlake.  It seems that she is his next star since many of the singers listed above have worked with JT.  Hopefully, now he will make her a star rather than her making other people bigger.  🙂

**photos above and below taken from :

So, hopefully soon, people will be able to purchase her music.

But for now, all we got are these YouTube videos.  And let me tell you, with just a recording coming out of the speakers of her laptop and her vocal chords–the music is already AMAZING.

Check it–

“Big White Room”

“Mama Knows Best”



  1. I totally agree…The girl has a gift. She has a beatiful voice, She is beautiful. Can’t wait until she comes out, I WILL SO PAY to go and see her!!

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