Posted by: funk. | May 24, 2010


We are Scientists (taken from their MySpace Page)

That is the title of the new We Are Scientists album out June 14th/15th.  I have a love for this band.  I must admit that I am saddened because they seem to be the band that has almost made it in the college music/indie rock scene but still haven’t.  Which isn’t fair.  They are awesome.  I think they spend more time playing in Europe and Australia more that in the US–which is where the boys are from!  I mean, I guess I understand why they like to be across the pond or whatever that saying is—their albums debuted in the UK wayyyyy better than over here.  And, even though I hate to say it, it makes sense.  Think of how big Franz Ferdinand and The Killers are over there.  Maybe it is just that the Americans need to get on the boat.  We are Scientists and Franz Ferdinand are two awesome bands.

ANYWAY— My boyfriend have gone to see them two or three times and it is always a good time.  There first CD is my favorite–With Love and Squalor.  The sound on that CD was perfect and so much fun.

So now you are going to ask me about how I feel about the new album, Barbara.  My honest feeling?  It could be better.  I am saying this three or four tracks into the album.  At this moment I am listening to ‘Nice Guys‘, which is one of the main singles off the album.  I feel like the music has become a little more generic and…for lack of better words…mainstreamed.  Keith Murray‘s voice used to sound pretty fucking fantastic and now I feel like something is missing.  Maybe it is because the original three members are no longer together.  After the first album, the drummer left and on this album, Razorlight‘s drummer, Andy Burrows, added in.  I guess that could totally change the sound.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some gems in this album and it is worth another listen.  I am a rough critic of music when I listen to it the first time around.  For example, I totally enjoy ‘Break it Up‘.  I think it meshes the new and old sound quite well.

Anyway, pick it up yourself to check it out.  The band really is awesome.

(I’d put up some tracks but I can’t)  Hopefully this video will suffice.  🙂


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