Posted by: funk. | April 23, 2010

New M.I.A. (LEAK)

M.I.A. on the set of 'Boyz'

My brother got me into M.I.A. a wayyyyyyyyz back.  Arular came out in 2004 and Maya Arulpragasam was all over the music websites and blogs.  As time went by she started getting more attention from the mainstream music audience and became the go-to girl if you wanted something that was going to be a hit.  I mean, did anyone want to hit themselves if they heard ‘Paper Planes‘ one more time?  I loved that song and then it was just ovvvvvverplayed.


Maya Arulpragasam
has been through a lot and been a lot of places.  I mean, she went from England to Sri Lanka to Madra, India within only a few years.  Unfortunately, at the time that she was there, there was a civil war going on within the country and as a result, Arulpragasam lost a few family members–including her father.  Eventually, her and her family were able to make it back to London, England. Her music and art went on to be heavily influenced by the Tamil rebellion.


I just recently found out that M.I.A. is putting out an as-of-yet untitled album on June 29th. Because of the near future release, it was pretty inevitable that something would get leaked— ‘Born Free.’  I really enjoy this new track because it is full of meaning (like ALL M.I.A. songs) but has a different feel to it.  It feels…kinda punk-y.  The drums are pretty heavy and her voice is a little rougher than usual.  As usual, this lady is ahead of the pack and I love it.

Here is an example of how she uses her music to make a statement:

“I don’t wanna live for tomorrow/ I push my luck/ I throw this in your face when I see ya/ Cos I got something to say”

Here is ‘Born Free‘ (it isn’t an actual video…just the song)

And if you are unfamiliar with M.I.A., here are a few other videos…

This is an oldie but a goodie

Bucky Done Gun


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