Posted by: funk. | April 16, 2010


All week I kept trying to figure out what I was doing this weekend. I KNEW I had something planned but for some reason I jsut couldn’t remember.

And then my iPhone Calender “alerted” me.

This Saturday is Record Store Day!  The day that we celebrate music!  The day where we are encouraged to buy the hard copy of music.  And in order to celebrate this day, record labels, stores, musicians,etc release limited edition to give the good ole music lover pure happiness.

So open your damn wallet and go out to your local record store (no, not Best Buy or Target) and buy some yummy music.

Pitchfork compiled this insanely long list of things they recommend but here are a few things that I can’t wait to check out.

  • Beach House’s “Zebra” 12″ single, which features four songs, including new versions of two Teen Dream tracks.
  • Album Leaf’s There Is a Wind 12″
  • Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding split 7″, a 7″ single from Happy Birthday
  • split 7″ from Peter Gabriel and Bon Iver, featuring Gabriel covering Bon Iver’s “Flume” and Bon Iver taking on Gabriel’s “Come Talk to Me”
  • double vinyl version of Pavement’s retrospective album Quarantine the Past, featuring a different tracklist and customized artwork. And in the UK, a 7″ single featuring “Cut Your Hair” and “Grounded”.
  • A batch of 10th anniversary vinyl reissues from Wichita Recordings: Bright Eyes’Fevers & Mirrors, the Cribs’ self-titled debut (with a bonus CD of demos), Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm, Simian Mobile Disco’s Attack Decay Sustain Release, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ self-titled EP.
  • Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica, reissued on vinyl.
  • Vinyl reissues of two Deerhoof records: the 2003 album Apple O’ and the 2005 EPGreen Cosmos.
  • A 7″ single from Charlotte Gainsbourg, originally broadcast on KCRW, featuring two unique Beck remixes.
  • A reissue of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer”/”Rain” 7″ single.
  • John Lennon Singles Bag, a set of three 7″ singles from Lennon with postcards and poster, in an envelope
  • The Monsters of Folk double LP on clear blue vinyl

And that is just a FEW.  Seriously people, I am uber excited.


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