Posted by: funk. | April 2, 2010

Is Minus the Bear worthy of YOUR time?

Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear is one of those bands that when someone say their name I immediately say, “I know them!” and yet I can’t seem to think of a single song title by them.  So when my mailbox had a new message that told me I had received a new Minus the Bear single, ‘My Time‘, I was excited.  I finally had an opportunity to do some good research.

Who is Minus the Bear?  Minus the Bear is a band that came together in Seattle, Washington in 2001.  According to their new record label, Dangerbird, “they earned immediate attention due to their distinctive and spastic progressive-pop hybrid, all serrated rhythms, swirling synths, and guitarist Dave Knudson’s multi-layered, pedal-hopping acrobatics.”  What does this really mean to the average listener?  They are fun and have texture in their music.  Their melodies are catchy.  Yes, the titles of their songs are some times foul or dirty but don’t let this confuse you.  These songs aren’t to be looked over or considered  unoriginal.  They are finger-tapping goodness.  According to, this band is recommended if you enjoy musicians such as: The Fall of Troy, Coheed and Cambria, or even The Appleseed Cast.  At the end of the day, it is easy-listening music within the genre of Indie Rock.  Why easy-listening?  No, they aren’t singer-songwriter/ Jason Mraz-y types!  I just think that their music isn’t too hard to swallow.  Therefore, easy-listening.  Get? Got it.

Moving right along.  Minus the Bear is coming out with a new full length album, OMNI, May 4th, 2010.  If the first-released track is any hint of what to expect from the entire album, get ready for some good ole classic Minus the Bear plus it has a more raw, live feel than the other albums.  I think loyal fans of the band will be happy.

Wanna give it a listen?  Here you go.

‘My Time’

‘My Time’ Video


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