Posted by: funk. | March 25, 2010

It’s been too long

…I have been MIA for the past couple weeks.  I apologize.

I started disappearing for good reason.  A couple weeks ago two of my closest friends, Alyssa and Alex got married in Arizona.  It was beautiful, calm yet fun, perfect mini-vacation.  From there I have just been playing catch up with school and life.  Wanna know how to go broke really quick?  Go on a road trip to a wedding where a lot of friends are going to be.

On a great side not to the union of Mr. and Mrs. Jones— Alex had two extra tickets to see Jamie Lidell at the Troubadour next month and invited Sam and I.  It is guaranteed to be well worth the money.  😀  Super stoked!!

Jamie Lidell, I love you.  Alex and Alyssa–congratulations!  Two of my favorites got hitched!

Here is his new music video of the song “The Ring” from his forthcoming album, Compass.



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