Posted by: funk. | March 9, 2010

MGMT’s Flash Delirium


Wow.  I was a little taken off guard when listening to MGMT‘s newest single, “Flash Delirium“.  It is nowhere close to the sound of their previous songs.  However, change is good….right??  Right?!?!  Fans always want a little bit of the same yet a certain amount of new.  There is almost a science to it.  Go too far one direction and people might get a little upset.  I must say, I kinda like it when musicians make a leap.  At the same time, the leap sometimes leads to me scratching them off my list of favorites.  This one has the scale tipped at all new.  The question is–Is it improved?  It is hard to say off of one track.  The album could be absolutely rad.  Yet, if it is anywhere close to this track, don’t expect those fun dance beats that make you shake your toosh.

Make your own decision.  Here it is.

Flash Delirium by MGMT


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