Posted by: funk. | March 4, 2010

Elizabeth Fraser

About 3 or 4 months ago I was driving to a doctor’s visit close to Fashion Island when I heard this beautiful voice on KCRW‘s Mornings Become Eclectic.  It was one of those voices that felt so familiar but I just couldn’t seem to place.  The voice was inviting…entrancing.  I gave Shazam the finger because this song wasn’t released yet so I couldn’t just figure it out at the push of a finger.  However, KCRW does have its own application on my phone where I can easily see what tracks are playing or have been played.

The familiar voice? Elizabeth Fraser–most known for her vocal work with Cocteau Twins.  Fraser was known for her relationship with fellow band member in the Cocteau Twins, Robin Guthrie as well as her relationship with Jeff Buckley. Guthrie went on to have a child together but eventually ended things for numerous reasons—her mental breakdown, his drug use, etc.  However, the band kept on even though the relationship ended.  Eventually the band ended in 1998.  Since the band’s breakup. Fraser has contributed to many albums and soundtracks.  She even toured extensively with Massive Attack.

Although little things have happened here and there, nothing huge has come from Fraser in a long time.  So when I finally got this track via email a couple days ago I was ecstatic!!  Unfortunately, I am not sure that much will ever come from in.  Meaning, there is no sure answer to whether it will ever be part of a full-length album.  In a new interview with The Guardian, Fraser says that she and Damon Reece (her boyfriend and Massive Attack member) have made “what might become an album.”

Anyway, I love this track.  It is pretty ridiculously catchy and fun.

Moses by Elizabeth Fraser

Here are a couple Cocteau Twins YouTube Videos


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