Posted by: funk. | February 26, 2010

Jamie Lidell-New Album out in MAY!

Jamie Lidell courtesy of Billboard Magazine Online

It is not surprising to hear that Beck has helped produce Jamie Lidell‘s new album, The Compass, which comes out in May.  He has not only helped produce but also recorded, wrote, and even performed on some of the tracks.  Jamie has this soulful voice that brings me back to the 70’s.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I mean, I was pretty surprised to find out that he was a skinny white guy.  Funny enough, the new album was recorded at Oceanway Studios which is where Beck recorded Mutations and Sea Change.

According to Billboard Magazine, guests on the album is not limited to only Beck.  In fact, expect Feist, Gonzales, Pat Sansone of Wilco, Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, Nikka Costa, and James Gadsen to all make appearances in the album.  Sounds like a good deal to me, my friends.

The Compass by Jamie Lidell

To hear the title track, go to  Right away you will see the play button.  It definitely is a different sound and style coming out of Lidell.  But don’t be scared, it is still nice.  There is a rawness and simplicity to the sound.  I am excited to purchase the…VINYL when it comes out!

Like that plug about buying a record?

Yeah, I’m still giddy!

**PS, there are some great videos on Jamie Lidell’s YouTube page and on Beck’s Record Club site.  It is a must see.

For Beck’s site it is Record Club 3 Videotheque.  Here is the url

For YouTube check “Rope of Sand”.  The url is


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