Posted by: funk. | February 12, 2010

Rihanna vs. M.I.A.

so, Rihanna came out with this new video for her song, “Rude Boy.” (please excuse the commercial at the beginning) Here it is…

I looked for it because I read that Diplo tweeted the similarity to M.I.A.‘s “Boyz” video.  I couldn’t help but wonder how those two could ever be similar.  Then I searched it out and watched.  It is pretty easy to spot.

So here is M.I.A.‘s video…

Unfortunately, M.I.A. has kinda made that style hers.  You can spot it out from miles away and most likely you immediately think of her.  Oh Rihanna, you are a bit late…  I guess the main difference is that Rihanna‘s video cost probably 10 times more.  Damn, first I hear her do an awful version of a Bob Marley song and now this.  Ew.

So Diplo took the time to mash the two songs together in honor of the video similarities.  That boy is a fuckin’ genius.  Here you go.

Rihanna- Rude Boy (Remix by Diplo)



  1. I really got to 100% agree with you. I have always seen M.I.A.’s style as 80’s hip-hop/back to Africa meets the new millenium. What makes it work for her is, one she was original when she did it, and two she actually takes a stand when it comes to politics. Rihanna video proved one thing…the MTV Generation is good at distroying anything slightly original and turning it into a format

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