Posted by: funk. | December 2, 2009

Who is Sky Ferreira?

Sky Ferreira.  Taken from her MySpace page.

Sky Ferreira. Taken from her MySpace page.

Every so often I frequent the good ole Hype Machine… you know, to see what is out there and what those other bloggers are lovin’ and postin’ about.  Today I just clicked on the “popular” button and let that shit run wild.  And I ended up running into this:

Sky Ferreira and Skeet Skeet- Happy Dre

You have to admit it.  Pretty catchy, right?  I think she likes doing redo’s because she also did a similar redo of a Stevie Nicks song.  I have to say, my attention was caught.  I mean, who the heck is this girl?

So I searched.

She a 16-year-old, MySpace lovin’, Los Angeles native.  Wouldn’t have guessed that age.  Furthermore, 5 years ago she sang a little ditty to Michael Jackson which brought him to tears.  Because her website was a push to follow her on Twitter and receive email updates about what time she last peed, I decided to venture into MySpace land–I don’t need updates from a teenie bopper.  No thanks.

As I went through her pictures I saw her with my girlfriend, Amanda Blank!  How has this girl been around and I haven’t noticed?!?   Add that name to a list of good, fun, clean, artists like Bloody Beetroots, Cobrasnake, Chester French, Aeroplane….

So keep on the look out I guess…. she doesn’t have a full length out—-yet.



  1. this is so dope but ya who is she?? i need more

  2. I don’t even know who she is. But she is everywhere 😐

    it’s like a thunder fame. I don’t know 😮

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