Posted by: funk. | December 2, 2009

The Power of the Mixtape

A friend recently offered me a challenge–to create a mixtape of 10 songs.  No genre specifications, no preferences.  Just make it good…and try to use music that he hasn’t heard of.

Let me tell you.  Everyone loves a good mixtape.  That shit is fan-fucking-tabulous.  Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to the same singer for 12 songs in a row.  That is why Pandora has blown up—even if their matches aren’t always right.  I mean, who knew that Sting and John Mayer were considered the same family of musicians?  I mean, they are both talented but…come on.  😉

Anyway, when I make a mixtape it isn’t some 5 minutes-to-make mash-up of songs. I get really big about the flow from song to song. I guess that was one of my talents when I did my radio show.  The songs just kinda blended into each other.  Somehow I could start a show with Thievery Corporation but end with Spank Rock.  It was a progression.  A progression that magically worked.

So I pose you this question.  If you were to make a mixtape, what would be on it and what would be the requirements for a song to make it on?  Certain genre, certain type of lyrics?  Just your favorites?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.



  1. I guess I would say that I make a mixtape like a make a letter.
    It depends on who (whom?) I make the mixtape for and what I want to say to that person.
    If it’s for someone I know, I would put songs they don’t know, to intrigue them, surprise them.
    If it’s for someone I don’t know, I would put songs I like to introduce myself.
    I don’t know about the flow, I prefer to mix without continuity.
    I like eclectism.

    • Great ideas, my friend!

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