Posted by: funk. | November 13, 2009

Music Confusion

I wish that I had more time to invest in my love for music.  I feel super hectic these days and can’t seem to find the time to just sit down, relax, and listen.  So I signed up for eMusic yesterday, a website that gives you a certain amount of credits to download music each month.  It is like the Netflix of music.  I quickly learned that a lot of music that I am into simply isn’t available.  Bummer.  I totally support my local record store but I thought this could be a fun, quick fix for trying out new music…legally.  🙂  But it is a funny little website.  I can download the old M. Ward CD’s but not the newest one (which is fine because I already own it but I was just searching and fucking around to see what I could get).  I could get Bjork but non of the newer stuff just her live shows.  WTF?  So it is going to be a work in progress.

I also bought tickets to the Pablove Benefit Concert at the Avalon only to realize that I have a wedding to go to the same day.  I was uber excited to see Band of Horses, Sea Wolf, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Tom Morello…and many more but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  I’ve never sold my tickets online but it seems like it is a must now.  Bummer, it was for a good cause too–raising money to fight child cancer.  Any suggestions for getting these tickets off my hands???

I think I need to set a music schedule for myself since I am so enveloped in my daily life.  Maybe something where I set aside an hour to myself to update myself.  I mean, how am to keep all of you up to date when I can’t even get myself on track??  Hahaha.  It is sad when one has to put her passion aside in order to get shit done.  But do not fret my pet.  I am on this and will keep the blog alive.  🙂

As for music that I have grooving to… it is a bit random if I do say so myself…

I went to Fingerprints and picked up these:  Sufjan Stevens The BQE, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Up From Below (which I discovered randomly on David Letterman and on YouTube), and Dead Man’s Bones S/T.

Dead Man's Bones

The latter CD was recommended to me by an employee of Fingerprints.  It is kinda creepy and yet incredibly enjoyable. Although there are a LOT of people in the…group (for lack of a better word)…overall its concept was brought to fruition by Ryan Gosling (YES! The actor) and Zach Shields.  The cd is very D.I.Y.  The pair met because when Gosling was dating Rachel McAdams, Zach was (and still is–I think) dating her sister.  From what I understood the two bonded over their love for creepy, Halloween-y type shit and decided to create a production…however, it was only the music that stuck.  Thus, Dead Man’s Bones was created with the help of The Silverlake Conservatory of Music’s Children’s Choir.  The two came up with a list of rules so that the music could remain raw and true.  For example, no more that three recordings of the same song, no click track, and the instruments had to be played by them (and Tim Anderson of Ima Robot).  Both ended up learning, playing, and recording instruments that they had never learned before.  Also the intergration of children into their music is interesting.  There is something about their youth that brings the album to life.  I think this is something that Shields and Gosling recognized.  Children really latch onto new things and try their best to succeed.  Surprisingly, their parents didn’t mind the darkness of the music and the lyrics.  On the last day of meeting with the children’s choir the song “In the Room Where You Sleep” was recorded.  Gosling was on the piano and vocals, whereas Shields was playing drums.  The children are in Halloween costumes, standing on risers singing the chorus.  From here the track was recorded, the video was made, and finally after it was all done, they had a wrap party that included a bounce house.  Rad.

Love it or hate it, it is pretty interesting.  There is something catchy and raw that holds my attention.  Definitely not my typical music.  Props to the actor gone musician.  Not too shabby.  Not too shabby at all.


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