Posted by: funk. | October 24, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures

Them Crooked Vultures

The Band Members (Photograph by Joseph Mohan)

The Band Members (Photograph by Joseph Mohan)

I am just trying to understand what is going on with this supergroup rock band.  I’ve heard little bits here and there but I can’t seem to get my hands wrapped around what is going on with them.  The band is comprised of Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters and Nirvana) on drums, Josh Homme (from Queens of the Stone Age doing vocals and guitar, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on bass and keyboards.  Also, Alain Johannes from Queens of the Stone Age is a live rhythm guitarist.

The crazy thing is that this was first talked about all the way back in 2005 when Grohl talked to Mojo Magazine about his next project being with Homme and Jones.  And it wasn’t until 2009 that things started rolling.  Then band did a few shows in Europe and just finished a quick tour around the United States (that didn’t include California).  Sad.

As you can tell I am being really bland because I haven’t been able to get my hands on any tunes.  Even their damn MySpace didn’t have music up when I checked.  What’s a girl gotta do to get a sample??

The album is coming out November 17th and is self-titled.  Here are the tracks:

01 No One Loves Me & Neither Do I
02 Mind Eraser, No Chaser
03 New Fang
04 Dead End Friends
05 Elephants
06 Scumbag Blues
07 Bandoliers
08 Reptiles
09 Interlude With Ludes
10 Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up
11 Caligulove
12 Gunman
13 Spinning in Daffodils

Every little thing I hear gets me all hyped up.  Can’t wait for the full-length.

Here is just a quick little sample of what to expect….it might get your panties wet.  😉

Them live playing “Elephants

And a teaser if “Elephants” done in the recording studio



  1. you have no idea how stoked I am that your finally writing on Them Crooked Vultures. I seriously got massive man Crush’s on Jones and Grohl. I creamed my jeans listening to elephant and I am pre-ordering the album this very second

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