Posted by: funk. | October 23, 2009

Those vampire movies put out some tasty soundtracks.

New Moon's leading couple--Robert Pattinson & Kristin Stewart

New Moon's leading couple--Robert Pattinson & Kristin Stewart

I am not part of the Twilight-obsessed clan but have recently taken some interest because of how huge the fan base is.  Once my older sister jumped onto the bandwagon I decided to Netflix that shit to my house.  And…it was aight.  I guess it is better to read the books and then watch the movie.  However, it is always nice to get a little invested in a movie about forbidden romance–it pulls on the giddy girls part of my heart.  And yes, that does exist.

Anyway, the first movie didn’t really have a soundtrack to write home about.  It had a few Paramore tracks and  Muse and Collective Soul made an appearance on the soundtrack.  I feel the main gap in obsession in Twilight comes from the college generation..the twenty-somethings.  And I feel like the creators of the movie fixed that this time with a killer soundtrack.  Whereas the original motion picture only had one of the artists I am obsessed with (Iron & Wine), this one has a never-ending list of bands/musicians that I love.  I mean  Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, Thome Yorke, and The Killers…and that is just a few of ’em.  Furthermore, I think the majority of the tracks are originals rather than being pulled from albums that already exist.  I appreciate that.  I mean, the soundtrack for Twilight: New Moon even got its own website:  Funny, eh?  I really liked the Bon Iver/St. Vincent track and Grizzly Bear‘s.  One warning, the album is kinda down tempo and light.  So don’t go thinking that it is music to bump in your car because it isn’t.  It is music to relax to.

Here is the video for Death Cab‘s song “Meet Me in the Equinox“, which is also on the soundtrack.


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