Posted by: funk. | October 23, 2009

Declaration of Dependence

is an amazing LP.  I am so that I picked it up.  The Kings of Convenience are reminiscent of another time.  They note Nick Drake as an influence in their music and I can hear it.  That and maybe some Simon & Garfunkel.  You know how I was looking for music to do homework to?  This album would fit right in.  I know I said not too many lyrics but there is something just inherently soothing in their voices and instrumentation.  Norway put out two rad musicians.  Their lyrics make…sense.  You can relate to them it isn’t some fucking haiku that you can’t make sense of.  Thank you.  THANK YOU.


There is this song “Power of Knowing” and the lyrics are sad yet ring true to everyone…

I see you changing, girl, from day to day
impressed by, and trying to immitate.  Those
who are older, those who are colder.
Suddenly embarassed by your age.  A
bigger blessing, girl, is being young.  The
power of not knowing where you belong.  I
tried so hard to keep it not lose that
secret.  Waiting for someone like you to
come along.  Maybe it was me that made
you old.  Stole whatever it was that made
you glow.  A little touch of something, a lot
of love for nothing.  And now a heart once
open is now closed.

MMmmmm.  The beauty of youth and how those that are young dream of being older only to have the old dream of being young.  Having that fire and innocence to believe that anything in life is possible.  And how relationships can squelch that beautiful flame.

Anyway, I will try to put some tracks up soon to listen to.  They are yummy.


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