Posted by: funk. | October 21, 2009

Today for You, Tomorrow for Me!


Adam Pascal as Roger & Lexi Lawson as Mimi

Adam Pascal as Roger & Lexi Lawson as Mimi

I’ve kept a secret from all of you… I am a total musical theater buff.  Yeah, I know, judge away.  But hey, it is the truth.  I spent my entire childhood and semi-adulthood singing.  Yup, magnet schools for vocal performance since 6th grade.  And, my mother nurtured this passion for singing by purchasing tickets to every musical that came into town.  This passionis what led me to the spot I am in today, still just as passionate but more…eclectic.  I guess that is the word that is appropriate.

Anyway, one of of my friends works for OCPAC and has helped me get reacquainted with the musical theater scene.  This week Rent came into town.  Now, this is a musical that I have already seen twice but this time Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were performing as the leads Mark and Roger (respectively).  They were the originals.  Their voices are just…perfection.  I mean, Adam went on from rent to be the the lead in the musical Aida, another to-die-for musical.  So going to the show was a must…and I was lucky enough to get in for free in seats that were stellar.

There is something about this music that speaks to people. And last night it really got into my heart and woke me up.  Not only is it an incredibly well written musical with stellar lyrics and melodies, it also has a great message.  Furtheremore, it is a modern-day remake of the opera La Boheme, one of the most popular operas…ever.

It is on nights like last night that I miss being on stage.  There is such pure beauty when someone allows himself or herself to be on stage alone in the spotlight in front of thousands that is just…beautiful.  The actors/musicians last night were supreme.  Such chemistry.  It really felt like true life.

Anyway, if Rent is coming to your town, I suggest you go.  It was awesome!  And it reminds you to live your life fully and day by day.


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