Posted by: funk. | October 19, 2009


I got frustrated last night.  I am kinda backwards in certain ways.  One being the way I do homework/write papers.  I am trying to come up with words to explain what I mean but I don’t know if I will end up making sense…

When I do homework it is often hard for me to listen to music.  Instead of being soothed into focusing on my project at hand, I often find myself losing track of my thoughts and paying attention to the track of that moment.  Last night I ended up freaking out to the maximum due to my intense infatuation with procrastination.  Anyway, I had to write an important paper and waned to be surrounded by something more than silence.  So Sam, my boyfriend, went through my music library to find the appropriate music.  First he went with Air, which for me, is probably the only music that seems to work.  Not too many words, not too heavy of a beat, and it soothes to the bone… Sigur Ros is another one that hits the spot.  But suddenly he switched to Daft Punk and I hit the fan and freaked out.  I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t even think.

So after the freak out the music was silenced and the tv was turned on.  Suddenly I was able to write again.

My question is this?  What other music is good for doing homework to?  I am in a rut!



  1. Westboundtrain, Lawrence Arms, Flying Lotus, the SCientist, Sly and Robbie off the top of my head with only seconds to think

  2. ‘metronomes’.

    Their material is somewhat difficult to comeby, especially here in the states from what I can gather.

    However, follow the link and let yourself be serenaded into blissful relaxation and therefore the perfect frame of mind for getting that dreaded homework done!

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