Posted by: funk. | October 3, 2009

Oh Pitchfork….

So Pitchfork came up with the top 200 records of the 2000’s.  Mind you, it seems a little early since we are only in 2009 but hey, it is fun to see what others come up with as their favorites and then criticize what was missing and what made it to the top.  Because, lets be honest, that is what we all do…

Let me recap for you.  These are the top 20.

20.  Interpol
Turn on the Bright Lights

19.  Spoon 
Kill the Moonlight

18. Kanye West
Late Registration

17.  LCD Soundsystem 
Sounds of Silver

16.  Sufjan Stevens

15.  The Knife
Silent Shout

14.  Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion

13. OutKast

12.  The White Stripes 
White Blood Cells

11.  Ghostface Killah
Supreme Clientele

10.  The Avalanches 
Since I Left You

9.  Panda Bear 
Person Pitch

8.  Sigur Rós 
Ágaetis Byrjun

7.  The Strokes
Is This It

6.  Modest Mouse 
The Moon & Antarctica

5.  Jay-Z 
The Blueprint

4.  Wilco 
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

3.  Daft Punk 

2.  Arcade Fire

1.  Radiohead 
Kid A

From this article I learned that overall, 2008 sucked.  Sucked hard.  Well, at least in Pitchfork’s music snobbery eyes.  Only 2 CD’s released in 2008 made it onto the top 50 list; Deerhunter‘s Microcastle and Fleet Foxes self-titled album.  I also learned that Kanye West has something to be appreciative for…somehow he was able to get 2 albums onto the top 50 list.  Lastly, I learned that Pitchfork hates  Ben Gibbard.  I mean, aren’t one of the albums by Death Cab for Cutie or The Postal Service worth being towards the top of the 200 list?

But, you have to appreciate what this list does for you…well, at least me.  It helps me reconnect with the CDs that I’ve let fall by the waist-side.  It helps me figure out things that I might want to pick up because when I was in high school I was busy listening to ‘N Sync rather than Radiohead.  It is easy to look only forward.  Meaning, if you like Radiohead, it is easy to jsut wait for the next album rather than looking backwards.  But it is fun to work backwards…to understand where they started.  This list definitely helps you do that.  So instead of going to the record store to get the newest future hit album, maybe it is better to get one of the hit albums from 2001…even if it means you have to request it be ordered.

And lastly, stop judging Pitchfork for putting OutKast on the list.  This is just personal opinion.  There is no right answer.  Everyone makes mistakes.


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