Posted by: funk. | August 22, 2009

Willie Nelson Never Stops!

Willie Nelson & Norah Jones

Willie Nelson & Norah Jones

There is something about Willie Nelson‘s that is incredibly soothing…especially with his newest album that is full of jazz standards…or as his album title calls it, American Classics.  I was surprised at how much beauty was in his voice.  The vibrato was astoundingly…perfect and sweet.

As it turns out, he is even doing one of those MySpace secret shows at his favorite bar in Maui and Band of Horses is opening for him.  Nice, right?  All this is being done to celebrate the release of his album on the 25th of August which features other current jazz singer greats like Diana Krall and  Norah Jones.  The full album is being streamed on his MySpace and there is also a video about the production of the album up.


PS!  Willie Nelson hasn’t put out a jazz album since 1978’s  Stardust.  His voice is timeless and so— Willie.  I hope you take the time to listen to a music great.  It might not be your personal style but you have to recognize it’s beauty.


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