Posted by: funk. | August 10, 2009

HARD update



To think, I almost paid for tickets to HARD…thank God I didn’t.  HARD is kinda like a one day music festival filled with electronic-y goodness.  Think Spank Rock, MGMT, Chromeo, Amanda Blank, Bloody Beetroots, etc–that vein of music.  Party music to say the least.  Anyway, to make a long story short—the fucking police came and shut it down.  Not jus the pansy police, the frickin’ riot police–the ones that will beat you up and mase your ass.  😦

@danlantham twitpic @ HARD

@danlantham twitpic @ HARD

Pop & Hiss reported that the “all-night electronic event Hard Summer (which was at the Forum) was shut down at midnight.  The event was declared a “hazard” by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, according to an Inglewood police representative. Based on the LAFD’s recommendation, Hard Summer was called off.”

I guess the Fire Department made the decision due to people jumping from the balcony to the floor.  Crazy.  And technology verifies this.  Twitter and camera phones say it all.

Above:Video of people jumping and the lack of organization

The video above has commentary by one of the attendees.  Definitely worth watching.

But I guess full refund will be available.  Follow @HardFest on twitter or @destructohard.

The question remains–will people support HARD’s Halloween after this mess of a show??  Probably not as much…at the same time, if the music is good, the people will come.  Maybe it is time to drop the price.  The people who go to this festival are paying a pretty penny–not to mention how much the parking is…


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