Posted by: funk. | August 7, 2009

Kristen Stewart

Into the Wild

Into the Wild

A still shot from the movie Into the Wild featuring Hirsch and Stewart

A still shot from the movie Into the Wild featuring Hirsch and Stewart

Wow, she can sing.  I’ve been really wanting to see the movie Into the Wild and today it was on Showtime.  Woohaaa.  Gotta love movies on tv.  Anyway, I shamelessly watched it even though I missed more than an hour.  By the time I got to it the main guy, Emile Hirsch, was already way along his travels and met Kristen Stewart‘s character.  I don’t know if you have heard about this movie but it is based on a true story about a kid from West Virginia that is, in a nut shell, looking to give meaning to his life.  So he just heads out on a trip to get to Alaska and on his way he meets tons of rad people–including a girl named Tracy, Kristen Stewart‘s character.  Although it is already out on DVD I don’t want to give the story away…so I’ll leave the plot at that.  There are two scenes that Stewart‘s character sings.  The first piece is a song that she co-wrote.  It wasn’t until the second song that I really got to hear her voice…and it is beautiful.  She sang “Angel from Montgomery.”  Man, this song has been sung by everyone and their mother…but I believe the true original is John Prine…and Bonnie Raitt. Prine wrote the song.  Oooooo Bonnie Raitt, she is a raw, raw, beautiful singer.

So I guess it isn’t surprising that Stewart is in the process of playing Joan Jett for The Runaways and is hoping to be able to sing in the movie.

Here is the clip of Stewart singing in the movie.  There are two songs on it–first is the one that she co-wrote and the other is the Prine/Raitt cover.  Definitely worth watching.  Below the YouTube video is Raitt and Prine performing the song live.  Mmmm…music like this soothes the soul.

imagesAngel from Montgomery” performed LIVE by Bonnie Raitt and John Prine


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