Posted by: funk. | August 7, 2009

Christina Courtin

Christina Courtin

Christina Courtin

I was über surprised that I didn’t know about her already.  Actually, I think I might have received her album and just kinda passed over it.  I do that sometimes when I am trying to get down to business.  Typically I rummage through all the albums and listen to the ones I have been expecting and the ones that are on record labels that I like or have covers that catch my interest.  The surprising part is that her record label, Nonesuch, is one that I keep tabs on.  But oh well, I guess I kinda failed.

Hey, it is never toooo late. yeah, I heard this song the other day on the radio and it just caught my attention.  It is called “Green Jay.”  If I was going to categorize Courtin it would be somewhere in between singer/songwriter and indie.  Her songs seem to flow within the Regina SpektorFeistJason Mraz sound.  In fact, I bet she could do a pretty sweet duet with Mr. Mraz.  I think their unique voices would compliment each other.  Courtin‘s voice is thick…if that makes sense; it resonates nicely.  But then she will do these licks that are reminiscent of an older sound–as if she spent her days listening to jazz and good ole classic country.  She uses the break between her chest voice and head voice to her advantage; letting the listener hear her break…something that is usually looked down upon.

With all that, everything seems quite light.  Her music is good to listen to when in need of a smile.  For some reason I can picture myself listening to the album and doing dishes.  The beat is steady and for some reason I see myself happily cleaning…don’t ask.  Anyway, it’s good.

Here are a couple songs…

christinacourtinpicGreen Jay” by Christina Courtin

christinacourtinpicForeign Country” by Christina Courtin


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