Posted by: funk. | July 31, 2009

Frickin’ A—Thank the Heavens!

Kings of Convenience

Kings of Convenience

The Kings of Convenience finally mentioned a comeback album.  I don’t know if “comeback” is the right word but it has been a loooong time since we’ve heard anything out of ’em.  “Comeback” makes it seem like they went out of style and let me tell you, that is far from the truth.  Their most recent album is  Riot on an Empty Street and that came back in 2004.  The new album, which is available October 14th is titled  Declaration of Dependence…and Erlan Øye is not shy when it comes to explaining what it means.  Basically, it is a statement about how the duo (Erland Øye and Erik Glambek) are dependent on each other.  Øye explained that everyone is hyped up on being independent and that he feels that it is good to dependon another person.


yeah, that's them again.

yeah, that's them again.

If you don’t know the band or just need a reminder, here are a few refresher videos.

“I’d Rather Dance with You”

“Homesick”  mind you it is just the track with a lame picture but this song is incredibly perfect…




  1. The harmonies and Guitar melodies remind me of a Simon and Garfunkel, except Garfunkel’s voice is one of a kind and I doubt they are going to be the two part harmony that defines our generation. not bad though

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