Posted by: funk. | July 30, 2009

The Very Best

The Very Best

The Very Best

are the very best.  I was driving down PCH the other day going towards my dental appointment when a great song came on the radio.  My initial thought was that I was listening to a new Vampire Weekend…wait, no I wasn’t…well, I kinda was.  I was listening to The Very Best.  The track that I was listening to was “Warm Heart of Africa” and the reason why I thought I was listening to Vampire Weekend was because the song featured the lead singer of the band, Ezra Koenig.  It is hard to miss his voice–it is quite distinct and unique.  The song is great and available to listen to at the bottom of this page.

But let me give you a little more information about The Very BestEsau Mwamwaya is from Malawi and is the lead singer of the band.  Most of the music that I have been able to get my hands on lately is from ‘The Very Best’ Mixtape, which features Mwamwaya singing in Malawi on top of popular indie rock artists such as Vampire Weekend, M.I.A., Architecture in Helsinki, and even The Beatles.  What makes the songs such great remixes is that they are sung in Chichewa, the language of Malawi.  There is a great Afro-pop vibe to each song.  The studio album is expected to be released sometime this year but for now you are going to be satisifed with the remixes.  There is even one of the uber popular song “Paper Airplanes” which is great because the original song is overplayed and it gives me a new way to enjoy the track.

Warm Heart of Africa by The Very Best (featuring Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend)

You can go to The Very Best’s MSpace to listen to more stuff.  All the remixes are stunning.  Each song is redone wonderfully and it is just feel good music.  Perfect for summer.  Impossible not to fucking groove to.  Promise.  Check it.


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