Posted by: funk. | July 28, 2009


…is a bitch and I’ve got it.  Ugh.  I think it is a sign of age because I used to sleep with ease and peace and it hasn’t been until the last year that I would get into bed and roll around trying to find my nook.  I am used to being a– lay in bed and fall asleep within 2.5 minutes girl–.  Boy am I missing that right now…

If you want random news—

  • Madonna’s old phone messages are being auctioned off by her ex Jim Albright as well as some love letter.  The auction is online.  Weird.  Futhermore, the messages (on the original cassette) are expected to get $40,000.  Wait…really???
  • Part of The Decemberists American tour have been released.  I say “part” because the end is in San Francisco… I am living on the dream that they will make it to Los Angeles again.  Last time was so good.  Must we part ways for this year???  I think not..
  • Amy Winehouse’s ex is coming after her and describing her drug binges to the public.  Say things about how he kept her from biting off her tongue when all drugged up and how he could stop her from falling down the stairs due a seizure due to drugs.  He talks about what a shame it is because she has such talent…blah, blah, blah.  He acts as if he is the innocent party.  I believe they both enjoy a little bit of the good ole recreational drugs.
  • Some woman who probably has no right to is planning on writing a book about the life of Michael Jackson.  I’d tell you more but it isn’t worth my typing time.  I love him and don’t need to read some gossip material.  Also, it looks like MJ’s doc is going down not due to his shadyness but for possibly giving him an anasesthetic before he died (among other things I believe).
  • Lilly Allen  just launched a jewelry line…unfortunately, during the big moment at London’s Claridges Hotel, she popped out of her dress during a photo shoot.  Ooops.  Wonder if the third nipple made an appearance.  😉
  • Coldplay is going to be made into cartoon form!  Yup—expect to see them on The Simpsons.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the actual date of the new episode.  Whoops!

Here is a new track for The Arctic Monkeys…now it is a video on YouTube but please now that is just a video of a picture.  I am just trying to get the song to you to HEAR.

Not as fun and fast paced as what I expected but still good.  Expect the new album, Humbug, to release in the United States August 25th.  I am über excited!!

Now it is time to TRY and go to sleep once again… it IS almost 4am.  😦


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