Posted by: funk. | July 27, 2009

“Cocktail” Apples Newest Idea


I’ve read about and heard about it numerous times but it is still just a rumor–or rather, most likely a true rumor.  Although I am not the biggest supporter of it, it still remains true that many buy their albums digitally.  So, the rumor is that Apple is trying to encourage people to buy full-length albums rather than just a track or two buy providing something extra for those who buy the whole LP—such as photos, lyrics, and even video.  Furthermore, the albums will be able to be played outside iTunes.  Apple has been working with 4 of the largest record labels– EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music to help stimulate full-length CD purchase. “Cocktail,” the name of the program, is rumored to be coming out in September but no promises from me…it hasn’t been verified at all by Apple.  That company is impossible to break through.  No one verifies anything until the day the surprise toy is released and available for purchase.

I am in full support of “Cocktail.”  I find it unfortunate that people pick and choose the tracks off of an album as if they are grocery shopping for fruits and vegetables.  How are you supposed to understand the identity of an artist if you don’t go through the ups and downs of an album.  That is the beauty of it.  Furthermore, if you check out a track on iTunes do you really think that the 10 second preview will be a good decider for whether or not you like a track?  Hmmm.  An artist spends time creating an album–the artwork, writing the lyrics, the recording, and yes, even the way one track flows from one to another.  I say that the best way to show love for your music is to go out to your local record store and pick up the vinyl, CD…shit, even cassette. 😉  But if that isn’t your bag then at least buy the whole album on whatever your digital download store of choice is.  If “Cocktail” will entice people to do this then more power to it.


What else is being rumored to come out later this year from Apple?  A portable tablet-sized computer that can connect to the web.  Think a large screen iPod Touch.  Also, it is said to be able to be a portable book reader also.  Supposedly it might be as large as 10inches diagonally–amazing for movie watching and overall enjoyment.  Anyway, cross your fingers–people are saying it is coming in time for the Christmas season.  Ooooo!


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