Posted by: funk. | June 22, 2009

He Got Out of It!

Rihanna and Chris Brown prior to the assault.

Rihanna and Chris Brown prior to the assault.


Chris Brown in court

Chris Brown (in my opinion) basically got out of beating Rihanna up.  Ugh.  Chris Brown and Rihanna went to court today–Rihanna was supposed to testify against Brown.  However, before that happened the two were able to make a deal.  If Brown was found guilty he faced up to 180 days in prison.  With the deal, he is only doing 180 days of community labor in his hometown in Virginia.  He has to do that and go to a domestic violence counseling program while being on probation for about five years.  This was all agreed on by him admitting to assault against Rihanna.

Here is the thing…  the judge issued a “stay away” order which keeps Brown from contacting or coming near Rihanna and yet the attorney for Rihanna said that this is not what she wanted.  The judge said the the order will be re-evaluated in August but until then the two are supposed to be 50 yards away from each other and if they happen to be at the same event the number decreases to 10 yards.

I would think that if you got your face bashed in and you were strangled one would want something like a restraining order.  But that is just me.  Maybe Rihanna wants to still be hand in hand with Brown.  I mean, why would the attorney say that she didn’t want the stay-away order???  The only reason I can guess is that she wants all this drama behind her and she doesn’t want to be a part of any more problems.  Shit though, she deserves to feel safe though.

Let the controversy end.. Brown pleaded GUILTY to ASSAULT against RIHANNA.  So now the media coverage is over and the girl can move on, right?



  1. cara o que o chris brown fez com a rihanna nao foi legal entendeu e muito feio foi injusto eu queria ver se o chris brown levase uma peia dessa ele iria gosta não então cara para de brigar com ela e de implicar com ela e demostre todo seu amor por ela eu amo o chris brown mas depois disso não gostei dele mais serio or

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