Posted by: funk. | June 20, 2009

Ouch! That is EXPENSIVE

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the lady who owes all that money!

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the lady who owes all that money!

Another woman taken down…  Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a 32 year old mother of four from Minnesota is being fined for sharing music files.  How much, you ask?  She is being fined 1.9 million dollars for copyright violations; she shared 24 files from various artists such as Green Day and Sheryl Crow on Kazaa, a known site for sharing music..  This means that each song is about $80,000!  With that being said, Thomas-Rasset, who is a single mother, has stated that she has no intention of paying.

This case started out in 2007 when the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) took Jammie to court for sharing 1700 songs illegally.  On the first go-around, the jury found against the defendant and ordered her to pay $220,000 to the record labels injured in her sharing.  However, it became a mistrial due to a judge feeling that the jury was poorly instructed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately–however you see it) this time around the jury wasn’t so nice.  I think that both parties were taken aback.  From the get-go the RIAA has been willing to settle for substantially less.  To this moment Thomas-Rassett is still not willing to pay or settle.  The RIAA is not looking at getting the $1.92 million that the jury awarded them (and the record labels) because this would definitely lead to a public outcry not to mention a huge amount of negative press.  With that being said, they stated that they appreciate that the jury listened to the facts and felt that the situation was as serious as they felt.

Clearly the jury took it seriously–$1.92 million seriously.  Fuck, that is expensive.

If you ever have questions about the legality of what you are doing when it comes to music sharing, you really should go to the RIAA website.

—Do you have any thoughts about this?  Leave a comment.  I wonder how everyone feels about this and their take on it…


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