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Have you heard of them?  They are truly artistic and impressive.  It is frustrating to write anything abou them because–well, “air” is such a common/generic word.  There has been a bit of news about Air lately but it is hard to track more because of their name.  For example, recently I learned that Air were a part of a short film by artist, Yi Zhou.  She is, in all honesty, ridiculously talented.  Fucking ridiculous.  Click on the link and visit her site.  She has this talent for integrating mixed media into her art.  Furthermore, it seems that she has a true appreciation for talented musicians and she has a knack for finding a way to integrate them into her art.  I love it.  Anyway, Yi Zhou hired Air to create a soundtrack for one of her newest art creations “Hear, Earth, Heart.”  For the piece the electronic duo wrote “The Dream of Yi” which is exclusive to “Hear, Earth, Heart.”  Going back to my original statement, it is frustrating because the music is impossible to find and usually, when it comes to music, I can make the impossible possible.  But, the good news is that whe you go to Zhou‘s site you can watch the short film and lsiten to the beautiful music that Air created.

In other news in regards to  Air, they are coming out with a new album which is the follow up to Pocket Symphony. Love 2, the new album is scheduled to come out in October of this year.  But, do not fret my pet, a fresh single will be released on July 7th as well as another in August.  Maybe that is just to keep us satiated…  If this new album is anywhere close to their other ones I should be quite happy as should you be.

Here are a few music videos…


Here is a little bit about the band just in case oyu haven’t heard of them… (update ASAP)



  1. an amazing find! This is a great duo and I think im going to get there new album

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