Posted by: funk. | June 12, 2009

A Little Veckatimest Review

I prepared this for KBeach’s new website but I was satisifed and thought it worth putting up on here.  Enjoy.

Grizzly Bear has been a perfect band since day one–or rather since the first day their record crossed my fingers in 2006.  Yellow House (Warp Records) was one of those gems in a sea of rocks.  Compared to Animal Collective and Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear‘s music was refreshingly unique in a folky, lo-fi, indie rock sort of way.  What wasn’t to like?  So you can understand my feeling of excitement when I learned that the band was releasing a new full length album, Veckatimest.  Mixed with that anticipation was trepidation.  When a band has such a successful LP there is always a chance that the follow up will not meet the standards of the previous album.  I feel strong in saying Veckatimest is another leap forward for an already astounding group of musicians.  What was missing in Yellow House is fixed in Veckatimest.  What you thought was impossible to top in Yellow House is masterfully improved in the new album.  I’m floored.  From the first track the listener is drawn in.  “Souther Point” has this folky, southern twang feel that somehow explodes into an interesting almost jazz-like beat.  An then there is “Two Weeks“, a track that is an instant hit that is not only something for radio but a track that just…well, makes sense.  Words can not express its beauty that is amped up by Beach House‘s Victoria LeGrand.  So I ask you, “What is not to like? This is a record definitely worth picking up.


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