Posted by: funk. | June 10, 2009

Blur’s Still Got It

A recent photo of the boys.  2008(ish)

A recent photo of the boys. 2008(ish)

Blur is touring again…well, at least for a little bit.  The UKers are lucky because the band is sticking to their European homeland and only playing shows around England from June to July.  They are headlining a few arena shows and then ending it all by being one of the headliners for Glastonbury.

And let me tell you, I was skeptical about Blur having a comeback.  Well— I don’t know if skeptical is the word…  It is just that Gorillaz has been so successful…so why go back?  But you know what??  It was a good decision in my opinion.  There are some great oldies that I would love to see live on stage.

Because the shows are coming up soon, the band decided to release a couple videos on their official YouTube pages as well as put one song up on Amazon’s music video sharing site.  I chose to put on here “For Tomorrow” because the footage available on YouTube is more of a rough practice of beats, etc.  The stuff on Amazon is a run through of the song and therefore a bit more fun.  And what do you learn from watching this?  That the bad has still got it!

Unfortunately, my lack of internet savvyness made it entirely too hard for me tofigure out how to post it to my blog—so just got to this link instead. My deepest apologies for not figuring the shit out.

Here is another great music video from way back when.

Blur is a great Britpop, Indie Rock, shoegazing, Lo-fi band that got together under the band name Seymour all the way back in 1988.  Why so many genres?  Because they were always expanding and growing–evolving.  I truly believe that when the band morphed into and reinvented themselves as a more blur460indie rock back around 1996 this change allowed for the resurgence of British bands in America.  Think, would Oasis have ever existed without Blur?  Maybe not…  The song that in my opinion really brought the new sound to America and broke down the walls was “Song 2“—the songs that, to this day I still hear on various radio stations.  It’s a classic.  Looking back it has been a pretty solid break for the band.  With Coxon and Albarn gone–the band lost its fire in a lot of ways and never released another album.  However, the Glastonbury show sold out in about 2 minutes due to Blur headlining causing the band to release more show dates throughout the UK.  Blur‘s still got some pull my friends and rightfully so.

PS:  If you are fan of Blur, on June 15th the band is releasing Midlife:  A Beginners Guide to Blur and it is going to be rad.  So get ready to get on it.  😉



  1. I saw them play at Southend a few weeks ago and then last week at Hyde Park. Both times – simply fantastic, if anything they have got better with age (like good wine). I wonder if they will put out a new album…now that would be fantastic 🙂

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