Posted by: funk. | June 9, 2009

In Rainbows’ Second Disc


Alright, think back.  You remember when Radiohead released their album In Rainbows online and allowed everyone to set their own price for the CD, right?  Not only was the full length album amazing musically but it also was relatively cheap–depending on how much you paid, that is.  Well, it has been known that their was a second disc.  The rough part of the situation was that the only way that you could own it was if you bought the box set and let me tell you–it isn’t/wasn’t cheap.  I mean, it is worth it but I honestly couldn’t afford it at the time that I was debating the purchase.

Well, everything is all better.  Early this morning the band announced that there is now a digital purchase section to their website.  You just have to go to and find the link to go to the download section.  Let me warn you:  this 2nd disc is not a “choose your own price” situation.  However, it is about 10 bucks which is truly a fair price.  Furthermore, although as a whole it doesn’t compare to the first disc, it definitely has tracks on it that are rad and listenworthy.  So get on it!  Buy it and loooove it because I know you will.


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