Posted by: funk. | June 9, 2009

Axl and His Braids

The man himself.

The man himself.

Let it be known:  This entire excerpt after this paragraph is from The Tripwire.  Why?  Because if I was going to inform you, I would’ve poked fun of the exact same things and phrased shit the same way.  Wanna hear something weird/funny in relation to this topic?  Axl Rose has fired and rehired his manager at least three times in the last five weeks.  Fuckin’ A!  Basically it seems that Guns N Roses 6th and most recent release, Chinese Democracy is Axl Rose’s unwanted baby.  Sales aren’t doing well and he doesn’t want to do anything to help revive it.  In fact, when it came out he barely did any promotion for it.

No, Axl is not just conflicted.  According to the New York Daily News, the manic-depressive rocker is going through mood swings and is on rocky terrain with his manager, Irving Azoff.  Apparently, the rift stems from disagreement about how to revive sale numbers for Rose’s recent album, Chinese Democracy.  What the Daily News has failed to acknowledge, however, is that the real victim here is Axl’s haircut.

I think the only reason I put this in here was because of the haircut joke.  Hey, at least I am honest.  My boyfriend and I were just lamenting on the tragic hairdo and wondering what ever happened to Axl and those awesome vocal chords.  Things that make ya go Hmmm.

Which Axl do YOU prefer?



axl_rose2 axl_rose_01



  1. Just like eminem and kid rock, he’s a hick and hicks are bound to do weird shit

    • And Lady GAGA is a dumb hoe who doesn’t know which way the wind blows.

  2. Which do I prefer? None of them. Axl is a douchebag to the 10th degree.

    • You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I hope you think Lady Gaga sucks as well as most of the pop- techno music today. No real musical talent just shock value and bad acting. To me music is about rhythm and the lyrics not the show or the shock. Todays music sucks. I do like the music of GnR, Led Zepplin, Jimmie Hendrix, Eric Clapton, why because they are real musicians. No synthizer produced their music, just raw talent and real instruments. I can operate a synthizer but I can’t play guitar and I’ve tried. You can’t create talent you are born with it. Just my opinion.

  3. Axl Rocks So Much,Idont care what other people think about him,hes always my fav

  4. Fuck others>let the world go down.Axl always rocks.Do anyone on the entire music history got a vocal like his.He is awesome.

  5. Maybe it stops his hair from falling out, he is getting older. lol I’m kidding I’ve loved him since i was 14 (1987) He’ll always be fukin hot to me no matter what. Shit, i thought he was sexy as hell when he had the belly thing goin on b4 the braids.

  6. I dont believe true GNR fans would actually be so concerned about Axl’s hair. W hen I look at him I dont see that judgmental exterior, I see the same man I fell in love with 21 years ago, voice, body and soul.


  8. i dont care cuz i love him =]

  9. axl i love u very very much

  10. axl i love u very much

  11. axl 4ever. we love u arrivel in georgian.



  13. I just love Axl. About. his new look, I think he looked much better in the past. But i still love him. Even if hes hair stile is not a great one! [Sorry for my english. I`m from Romania]

  14. love ya!
    :X i love you axl >:D<

  15. who cares about his hair
    it’s about the rock roll
    his voice is great, his past adds to his pain and the rock

  16. I like most in the past!but i lob him!

  17. you was very beautiful. I love all your songs

  18. I think people are way to critical of Axl Rose…The only thing i can see is that they are jealous that they don’t have the talent that Axl has.There is no one in this world that has a voice as amazing as Axl Rose.His voice is like no other and all anyone got to talk about is his hair, Your great Axl and fuck what everyone thinks.

  19. axl eu te amo vace nao tem ideia duque eu passo minha mae te odeia todo mundo te odeia la de casa mas o que eu posso fazer minha mae ja queimou minha revista que e sua e da sua banda eu tambem curto rock pra karalho fale comigo ta

  20. […] controversias desde su creación cuenta con los siguientes integrantes: vocalista desde el inicio, Axl rose; los guitarristas Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, DJ Ashba y Richard Fortus, el bajista Tommy […]

  21. Real talent is lacking in most of todays music. No musical instruments, no band, no nothing, just shock value and bad singing. Synthizers does not a band make. Hopefully most of todays music, for example, Lady GAGA, and some others will just fade away like Disco did. Think about it why have so many people turned to Country???? Because there is no ROCK and they won’t settle for Pop or Hip Hop.

  22. Chick for the Return of Rock music.

    You may not like Axl Rose and you are entitled to your opinions but in my opinion Lady GAGA sucks. No one hates Lady GAGA (gag me with a spoon) more than me but don’t discount Guns and Roses music. Open your mind and listen to “Welcome To the Jungle” and “Sweet Child of Mine” and you will recognize real talent and great music. Axl may have personal issues and I wish he could work through them so GnR would be together again because together with Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven they could rule the Rock World.

    GnR like Led Zepplin, Jimmie Hendrix, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Eric Clapton, and some other were about the musical experience not the shock value.

    • Thanks for your insight. Let it be known, I do not dislike GnR at all. In fact, I hold many of their songs close to my heart. There really is talent there. I don’t think this entry was supposed to make people think that I hate Guns n Roses. It was just a comment on what is going on with Axl these days…and his interesting hairdo. Like you, I love Eric Clapton, Jimmie Hendrix, ACDC, and many other classic rock/rock..which definitely includes G n R.

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