Posted by: funk. | June 3, 2009

Should I Be Opposed?



Brooklyn-based musician, M.I.A. has offered a free song to those who vote for Jananayagam in the European Parliament elections.  Therefore, I believe that I am correct in saying that those of us here in the United States are out of the running.  Doesn’t Jananayagam sound like she could be one of the songs by M.I.A.?  Think about it…her name could fit easily along the lines of “Galang Galang”.  😛

Anyway, Jananayagam is part of the Independent Party and like the singer, is opposed to war in Sri Lanka–lobbying to have the British get involved and intervene.  The politician is the first independent asian female to run for Parliament.  M.I.A. explained via MySpace that if one takes an hour to vote could save 300,000 lives.

Which is probably true.  If you keep up with the musician you should know that she is very involved in politics.  Some people are hard on her recently but she has been passionate from the get-go–Her first CD, Arular, heavily dealt with violence, politics, and world issues.  I believe that people are on her now about her views because she is famous.  Ever since “Paper Planes” made it onto Pineapple Express and Slumdog Millionaire people have started to listen to her and well, talk shit about her opinion.  Oh well.  Get over it.

I do have to wonder about the whole free song if you vote for a certain politician thing.  I think  it is a little shady.  I am all about promoting.  I mean, during

Ms. Galang Galang herself.

Ms. Galang Galang herself.

Obama‘s election stars were all over that shit.  Wearing shirts, being interviewed, and basically doing nothing less than screaming at the top of their lungs.  And you know what?  That is fine with me for the most part.  But what M.I.A. is doing feels very close to bribing.  I worry that 18 year olds will vote for this lady because they want a free song rather than really believing in her thoughts.  That worries me.  What makes that subside is realizing that it must be hard to prove that you voted for one specific politician.  I mean, do they give ticket stubs with a hole punch on the candidiate you voted for?  I mean, I’m not English so I don’t know how it works.  But, I doubt it.  Maybe she means that if Jananayagam wins she will give a free song to the public.  Fuck, I don’t know.  But if she is only giving songs to those who voted for Jananayagam, shouldn’t that be…illegal??  Hmmm.

But hey, I love free music and I have nothing but pure love for M.I.A.‘s music.


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