Posted by: funk. | June 3, 2009

Good News for The Grizzly Bears

Yeah, that's them.

Yeah, that's them.

Grizzly Bear is one of those bands that is a rare beauty.  Usually when I get a rad CD from a band that I don’t know I share the news with other people.  But for some reason, when Yellow House came out a few years ago by Grizzly Bear, I kept quiet.  I loaded it on my laptop and work computer and jammed to it privately, listening to th emusic through my earphones.  It was good–I mean, really good.

grizzlybear_veckatimistOnly a few days ago the band released their new album Veckatimest. The band explained that “it’s kinda clearer, clearer equals more accessible I feel like clearer equals more accessible in general as a rule.”  (  Which, I think is true because it is a little more pop rocky than before.  Don’t worry, it is rad.

In it’s first week it has already zoomed to the spot of Number 8 on the Top 200 list.  So listen to me, trust me, the shit is good.  Go buy it instead of stealing it on the internet.  🙂

This is the music video for the song “Two Weeks” which is the second track from the new CD Veckatimest. Listen, it is well worth it, I promise.



  1. If I listened to pop music this sounds like a band I would listen to everyday

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