Posted by: funk. | May 30, 2009

The Mars Volta wants YOU.

Yup.  That's them.

Yup. That's them.

This is kinda fun…  The Mars Volta want fans to host a listening party prior to the release of the album.  Basically 10+ people will be chosen to plan a listening party in their homes.  But–you have to make a pretty good case that you deserve to via YouTube, illustration, essay, or any other form that you think is cool and eye catching.  And, one of those people will be in the running to meet the band at one of their shows.

Here’s the catch.  Entries are due…like…now.  Well, June 3rd–which is only a few days away.  Wanna do it?  Email  I thought that was a really random email but it turns out that the new album is titled Octahedron. So I guess it isn’t random.

If you don’t give a rats ass about this shit than just know that the album is coming out June 23rd.  Wooohaaaa.

Here is one of their new songs “Since We’ve Been Wrong“.

If you want more go to: .  It is pretty rad.  You can zoom in on the art to find various clips–the new song as well as new photos of the band.  It’s pretty rad.  Also, the lyrics to “Since We’ve Been Wrong” are available.  Yum.


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