Posted by: funk. | May 30, 2009

Oh Morrissey..why am I not surprised.

Rad picture, right???

Rad picture, right???

He canceled the rest of his tour.  Let me be pretty blunt; I am not a huge fan of the man’s solo work.  With that being said, I know I might have just lost a few followers but hey, my purpose here is to be honest and not only give you news but also give my personal opinion when needed.  So yeah, I am more of a follower of The Smiths.

From what I understand, Morrissey has been advised by his doctor to not sing due to a throat illness.  I hope he is okay.  There are two things that come to mind–nodules and throat cancer.  Nodules is more likely because in order for them to heal without surgery, one must be on complete vocal rest.  Furthermore, if one wants to continue to retain his or her vocal range, they must heal as best as possible.  Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get the vocal notes effected back to 100%  once the nodules occur.  However, they can be fixed for the most part.  The other option is surgery but if the doc slices even a little bit into the chord, that note is done!  So, many opt out of that option.

Was that too much information about vocal health?

If you have any tickets, hold onto ’em.  I think he is going to try and resceudle the dates!  🙂



  1. So you don’t like solo Morrisey. You don’t know if he has throat cancer or throat nodules. Or what, if anything his illness is. And you don’t really know what throat nodules are. How dull are you?

    • Correct. I’m more of a fan of The Smiths. Fortunately, I DO know what nodules are…I studied vocal pedagogy for a couple years. Let it be known that I like to tell the truth and the fact of the matter is, when I researched the cancellation of the tour, there was no specific information as to what his throat problem was. Would you prefer I lie? If I am dull due to not knowing something that is impossible to know then yes.. I am dull. Perhaps you are bitter because I am not a fan. This blog is music news and opinion based. If there is a problem, please seek elsewhere.

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