Posted by: funk. | May 30, 2009


Look, I love me some music but I am tired of seeing celebrities getting out of their criminal ways due to their status.  Fuck that.  If I can get a DUI for drunk driving and therefore have to go to AA, Alcohol Ed, and the numerous other punishments, than I think that some dumb ass celebrity should too.  Not just a frickin’ slap on the wrist.  So yeah–Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and everyone else can suck my nonexistent dick.  Yeah, I said it.

But I guess Phil Spector didn’t get as lucky as O.J. Simpson (I know that he is now in jail but I am talking about when the wife died).  Maybe Spector didn’t get out of it because he is so— damn scary looking.

Afro sporting Phil Spector

Afro sporting Phil Spector

Let me first start from the beginning.  Spector hit it big in the 1960’s with his awesome producing skills.  Everything aside, the man had talent.  He produced 25 Top 40’s songs within five years.  That can’t be easy.  He worked with likes of Tina and Ike Turner, John Lennon, and The Ramones.  Furthermore, he was recognized in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and produced and co-wrote “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling“, which is the song that had the most airplay in the 20th century.  So the man is big.

But, I guess he went a little wacko.  After many years and one mistrial, Phil Spector was found guilty of murdering Lana Clarkson in Alhambra, California.  And now there is finally closure because the sentencing has been announced.  19 years to life.  I believe that is the maximum sentence.  That means he will be 88 by the time he is even eligible for parole.

In the mistrial the jurors spent 15 days deliberating and the final vote was 10-2..they were deadlocked.  This time it took about 30 hours for the jurors to come to a conclusion.  Although they were allowed to consider involuntary manslaughter they chose to go with second degree murder.  I guess Spector has a history of using guns on women.  Not just Clarkson but five others too.  They all got up on the stand and testified.  She was just the one that lost and was found slumped over in the chair with a gun shot that’s point of entry was in her mouth. Horrifying.

I hope that there will finally be closure on everything.  Probably not but at least justice was served.  R.I.P. Lana.


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