Posted by: funk. | May 21, 2009

Jay-Z and Def Jam

First off, let me apologize for not posting these last few days.  In all honesty, it is finals week and today is my last day and my last final.  LAST meaning that I am graduating…finally.  So, I have been stressed out from my insane obsession with procrastination and therefore have had to cram for too many tests.  I read an entire book in a little more than a day and now am takinga break from studying for a final that is in less than an hour only to race home to write a paper on a subject that I have no clue about.  Exciting, right?  Makes you miss college?  Right…

Anyway, enough about me.

Jay-Z lookin good

Jay-Z lookin good

Here is a short little blippet of information.  Turns out that Jay-Z and Def Jam are parting ways.  Funny because I honestly though Jay-Z was Def Jam.  Guess not.  He did however serve as President of the record label for a good few years.  Apparently, last year he stepped down as President but still remained on the label as an artist.  But, the rapper recently talked to and told them that he has left.  While President, Jay-Z signed many artists including Rihanna and NeYo.  So—if you couldn’t tell already, the boy is a walking money maker.  I know P Diddy struts himself as some music know-it-all but if the two were in a battle, my money is on Jay-Z.  Not only because he MADE Rihanna but also because P Diddy keeps on doing these Making the Band series’ that are addictive but lame as all get out when you get down to it.  But hey, that is only my personal feelings.  You might feel entirely different.  Plus, Jay-Z can rap.

Jay-Z now has now made a deal with LiveNation for tours, albums, and promotional stuff.  That bums me out a wee bit.  As if LiveNation doesn’t have a hold of enough???  What’s next?


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