Posted by: funk. | May 18, 2009

Although I have never seen or heard of the Manic Street Preachers it turns out that they are a pretty big deal in England.  So big that at one point they headlined the Reading Festival–which is a pretty big deal.  So at first I was kinda bummed that four major supermarket chains decided to place the new bands CD, Journal for Plague Lovers, in a case.  But then I realized the reason.

Turns out that the cover kinda sorta looks like a child got the side of her face beat in.  With that being said, it is a piece of art and I am by no means capable of answering whether that is true or not nor have I heard whether the band has answered such accusations.  It isn’t like it it is a photograph—it truly is a piece of art—a painting, I believe.  So one side of me is torn because I have seen a lot of worse things that did not require being censored and here is an album that is now losing its cover.  But, shit, she does kinda look like her face got a little bit of beating.

Basically, one of the chains that is covering the CD said that they were worried that some people would find the cover inappropriate if it were to be prominently placed in the store.

Here, you decide for yourself.

The Album Cover...

The Album Cover...



  1. Thats what you get for spilling paint in the garage, not. fuck thats a nasty cover.

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