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Lennon early on in The Beatles

Lennon early on in The Beatles

Such a beautiful picture of him.  Can you see all the little pictures of him used to create this piece of art?  Nice, right?

Such a beautiful picture of him. Can you see all the little pictures of him used to create this piece of art? Nice, right?

Yeah, you heard me right.  If you haven’t notice yet–I have kinda sorta have a potty mouth.  And, I don’t find it necessary to censor myself on my blog if I feel that the curse words help get my point across.


There is going to be an exhibit in New York City at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex until the end of the year in order to commemorate John Lennon‘s life…and death it seems.  The exhibit is entitled, The New York Years and as you might well expect, contains items from when Lennon was in New York.  The exhibit will include various Lennon staples such as his signature eye glasses as well as his passport, lyrics, and personal letters.  However, what is the odd kicker to the exhibit is the fact that the clothes that he was shot in will also be there–blood and all.  (Please pause and say that again to yourself.  They are including the clothes that John Lennon was murdered in…oh. my. god.)  And let me tell you, I am not making this up, the news came from BBC.

From what I understand the clothes will be contained in a brown bag.  I also read that the exhibit is supposed to celebrate Lennon’s life during his residency in the Big Apple in the 1970s (the tripwire).  Because, let me tell you, when I see bloody clothing of one of the my favorite musicians/singers who happens to be an absolute legend–I definitely wonder where the party is at.  I am celebrating.  In fact, looking and thinking about the clothes he died in makes me want to celebrate his life.  Wait, no.  That is not the truth.  I feel like absolutely crying my eyes out.  But maybe that is the point.  To get us to see the real tragedy and feel the loss and pain rather than getting hyped up to see the famous eyeglasses.

And then I start thinking…so if you have decided to include John Lennon’s clothing, why the hell would you display it in a brown bag?  You already decided to make the step to include it but now you are going to make it so that it isn’t truly on display???

But, I still don’t really get it and I am utterly confused.

Was this what they thought would bring a crowd?  The clothing that he wore when he was murdered.  I mean, I know he was killed in New York and that is part of his life here in the 70’s/80’s but is it really necessary? UGH.  So that is why I screamed out WHAT THE FUCK!  Maybe you feel the same now too.

Oh, and here is a message given by Yoko Ono at the opening of the event:

This is a small big show with a strong, powerful wind blowing in it from the past… like Manhattan itself, and like Liverpool. John loved New York City because, to him, there was a vivid resemblance to the city he was born and raised in.

Initially when Jim Henke approached me about doing a John Lennon in New York City show, I was delighted and thought it was such a wonderful idea, right away. We worked hard together to make sure it was a thorough representation of John’s life in New York.

All aspects of John’s experience in New York are represented in this important exhibit, the very first of it’s kind. John was a musician, artist, peace activist, father and husband. New York City provided him the foundation and freedom to be all of these things, at his choosing. I am happy to share this part of our lives with you.

When John was alive, he was the only Beatle who lived here. In London, they were always visiting each other. If John didn’t visit them, they would come around unannounced. That’s how it was. So on one hand, it must have been kinda lonesome for John, living here in New York City as the only Beatle, and away from his mates.

I think that now. But he never expressed anything like that, ever. John was in love with this city, head over heels…

When you are in love, you forget that you had a past…


Yoko Ono
11 May 2009
At the opening of John Lennon: The New York City Years
at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC

But hey, let’s remember what a gift John Lennon was to the world.  Listen to this.  🙂

“Imagine” by John Lennon

Rest In Peace.  We still miss you.

Rest In Peace. We still miss you.


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