Posted by: funk. | May 13, 2009

Weeds + Alanis

Sexy Nancy (Mary Louise Parker)

Sexy Nancy (Mary Louise Parker)

Have you ever seen Weeds?  It is such a rad show.  Truly.  And if you are against smoking it you should watch anyway because although the plot is based around reefer the comedy is not necessarily only in getting stoned.  The lines that each character says is almost always hilarious and Mary Louise Parker does a stellar performance as does Kevin Nealon as Doug.  Oh golly Miss Molly the show is gooooood!

And a new season comes out in June.  Can you believe Weeds is in its 5th Season? Shit, fuck, damn.  Hahaha.

So what does this have to do with music?  Nothing.  Wait…no there is a bit of music news in this entry.  Alanis Morissette is going to be a character this coming season.  She is playing Dr. Audra Kitson and she ends up treating Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) for something…I don’t know if it is stress or she is her OBGYN.  Who knows.

You might be asking why the Alanis is gracing us with her presence on the t.v. screen rather than on the music stage but the truth is, she isn’t a stranger to acting.  If I remember correctly she was in Dogma, Sex and the City, and Curb Your Enthusiasm…probably more stuff that I don’t even know of.  And, more importantly, she isn’t bad.

But man, how I do miss my middle school days when I listened to Jagged Little Pill and belted out the lyrics to all the man-bashing songs.  Twas fun.

Alanis looking kinda-sorta Weeds-eque.  Remembe when she was a rocker?  Que pasa?

Alanis looking kinda-sorta Weeds-eque. Remembe when she was a rocker? Que pasa?



  1. Well, alanis will be an obstetrician… I don´t know how to tape this in english, sorry. But in words: she will take care of the pregnancy of Nancy Botwin.

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